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Partner Orientation

W  E  L  C  O  M  E   H  O  M  E

One Church

Pastor Travoskia Cooke

September 11, 2021 @ 11am Via Zoom

Partner Orientation Syllabus

Teaching Team: Pastor Travoskia Cooke, Bishop Christopher Paul, Bishop Charles Blanks, Minister Zeltina O’Neal

Pastor Anita Johnson,  Prophetess Nicole McClain, and Minister Voncilla Bryant

Supporting Staff: YOU… Your contributions and engagement are vital to the success of this class!


Welcome: Pastor Travoskia Cooke



Overview – The purpose of this class to equip partners with pertinent information about the One Church Ministries, including who we are and how we evolve, leadership roles and responsibilities, growth opportunities and resources available.

  1. The Culture Class

    1. Frequency – twice per month – All members and partners

    2. Exploring and renewing the mindset of the believers – what makes One Church different.  

    3. Reviewing Structure/Organizational Chart (The Board, Staff, Partners), Mission, Imagine Vision, Statement of Faith and What is Your Passion.

    4. I am the Church (One Church Publication)

    5. Church Plant – What does it mean?


  1. MIT Leadership Class

    1. Books 

      1. Catching the Pastor’s Spirit

      2. Discover Your God -Given Gifts by Don and Katie Fortune

      3. Whose Right It Is by Kelley Varner

      4. T4T A Discipleship ReRevolution by Steve Smith with Ying Kai

      5. Others as deemed beneficial and/or as the Lord leads

    2. Messages previously ministered/taught by Bishop Chris

      1. Present Truth – Don’t Curse Your Blessings to the Future. “You’re Not Next; You’re Now!” Based from Jesus between the two thieves (Matthews)

      2. Most Holy Place Living – Understanding that there is a place in God (The Most Holy Place) that the enemy doesn’t have access. Learning to live in that space.

      3. The Finished Works of Christ – Jesus said it finished. He has already finished everything. Learning to enforce authority verses fighting and pleading.

      4. The Grace Principle – God is not mad at you. Understanding Grace and Mercy. The Law has been fulfilled – new mercies… EVERY DAY! 

      5. The Measure of His Love – From the parent / child perspective. Understanding that the Father loves all of His children


  1. New organizational flows that are in development: 

    1. Leadership Development – Dr Robin Smith

    2. Leadership Pastor – Overseer Eugenia Watson

    3. Self-Improvement – Pastor Shemekka Stewart-Issacs

Catching The Pastors Spirit - Key 1
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