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2018 Launch to the Son

As we set our sites on a vision given to us by God we squint at the thoughts of producing such a vast dream. Though my eyes can only see a glimpse of the full magnitude of his vision, We give our hearts to the making power of God as he cultivates a culture of equality, diversity, and creativity our avenue to continue telling the greatest story ever told. How can I accomplish the thing I know I am destined to do and live the life I am destined to live. I want to live above limitations and all fear. I want answers to the questions and solutions to the problems I face which ,seemingly, are my greatest obstacles. On my journey to loving God more and giving him access to all of me he say,"Be the answer. You are the solution."

We are scheduled to launch the fourth quarter of 2018

As a leader my life stream is Gods promise and his divine provision. A life a faith is a covenant of trust between you and God and in his sovereign ability to shape us accurately according to his purpose that all things will work together for the good of them that love God. I am so far from perfect, but he moves through me, people look to me for guidance and all I can do is lead them back to God and if I do this then the miraculous is the benefit of this radical act of a Son. We invest in creating a kingdom culture outside of the four walls of the traditional church system. I am thankful for my upbringing and the values that grounded me, but Gods heart for his people compels me to launch beyond and advance the kingdom.

As we prepare to Launch One Church Raleigh in the fourth quarter of 2018. Our method is simple

Ministry, Music, Movies, and The Marketplace. He is the creator of all things shouldn't he be visible in all things. We build bridges to peace and unity with our efforts and God is blessing them! Jesus's whole mission was to make love, kindness, equality, and prosperity the norm for a hurting world and bring us all back to God. We are continuing to see lives changed for the better through this ideal only God could cultivate in the human heart and manifest with the hands of ordinary men and women. Being Ordinary does not denote what is extraordinary about us, but keeps us in the mindset of knowing that I desperately need God to give increase to my investment of time, resources, and creativity because only my extraordinary isn't enough.

Gods connects people places and things through the central theme of purpose. I have what you need to make your vision for your life move and you have what I need. Take the most beautiful painting you've ever seen and dis assemble it. Is one person alone really responsible for the masterpiece you see. The canvas maker, the paint maker, and the brush maker had a great deal to do with the masterpiece. The science behind making of the materiel had a great deal to do with the masterpiece. Most of all the maker of all things had a great deal to do with the whole.

God always makes provision for the masterpiece. The culture of One Church is created to grow people and their dreams. I am proof that whether you are an athlete, scientist, business man, mom, working women, teen, or comedian God has a purpose for your life within his vision for a better society.

We are building and equipping a team right now in Raleigh, North Carolina we want you to consider becoming a partner with One Church and propel this vision that is too big for one as we Launch to the Son!

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